ADFIAP Sustainable Awards

Concept Categories

A. Outstanding Development Project Awards

ADFIAP’s “Outstanding Development Project Awards” recognize and honor member banks and financial institutions for impactful projects in their countries. Awards are given based on the implementation or enhancement of outstanding and innovative development projects in the immediate past year. To submit a project nomination, select the appropriate category, provide the project name, and write a 200-300 word summary of the project’s development impact. Supporting materials can be submitted separately. Participants can submit multiple entries across various categories.

You can only nominate projects that were started or enhanced within the current year. Only members can submit entries for the ADFIAP Awards.

The Trihedron

Category 1: Human Capital Development

A program or initiative implemented by the bank to boost the professional capabilities and career advancement of its officers, staff, and/or clients.

Category 2: Environmental Development

A program or initiative undertaken by the bank and/or its clients to minimize or eliminate environmental risks. This involves promoting environmental due diligence and management practices in both the bank and client operations.

Category 3: SME Development

A lending program, facility, or scheme created by the bank to assist and provide financial access and technical assistance to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country.

Category 4: Infrastructure Development

A project, loan program, or fund specifically designed to enhance and upgrade strategic and long-term infrastructure facilities within the country.

Category 5: Technology Development

A project, loan facility, or funding provided by the bank to advance the technological base, know-how, and innovation within the country.

Category 6: Trade Development

Encompasses projects, financing program, or facility designed to aid the country in the international development, promotion, and enhancement of its trade.

Category 7: Local Economic Development

An initiative, program, or facility implemented in a specific area such as a province, community, or village. The goal is to establish a conducive environment for business growth, enhance competitiveness, and generate opportunities for new and start-up businesses. These initiatives may be initiated by either external investors or local entrepreneurs.

Category 8: Financial Inclusion

A program or scheme that utilizes development finance as a tool to mitigate or alleviate poverty in the country.

Category 9: Corporate Governance

An initiative, program, or project established or adopted by the bank to advocate, promote, and sustain good corporate governance practices and ideals.

Category 10: Corporate Social Responsibility

A program, project, or initiative developed, adopted, and implemented by the bank to promote and uphold responsible citizenship for the greater social good.

B. Individual Awards

Outstanding CEO Award

The “Outstanding CEO Award” is given to a current Chief Executive Officer whose exceptional leadership, vision, and achievements set them apart from other nominees. The judging criteria include evaluating the individual’s stature, the positive impact their leadership has had on their institution, and the influence of their decisions on the development banking profession and the overall progress of the country. The size of the institution is not a primary focus in the evaluation process.


  1. Must be nominated (including self-nomination) by an ADFIAP member-institution and/or its subsidiaries, institutional partners of ADFIAP and the Association itself;
  2. Must be a practicing CEO of an ADFIAP member institution for at least one year; and,
  3. Must prove, through supporting documentation, that his stature, leadership, vision and achievement in managing his institution during the covered year merits the nod of the Awards Board. Weight will be given to the best practice or innovation that the CEO has succeeded in implementing in his respective institution.

OUR NOMINEE: (Please nominate only the one person whom you think will best qualify for the Award).

Distinguished Person Award

The “Distinguished Person Award” is a lifetime achievement recognition presented to an individual who has excelled and left a significant impact in their chosen career, both nationally and internationally. The award specifically acknowledges outstanding accomplishments in the broader field of development and, more specifically, within the development banking profession.


  1. Must be nominated (including self nomination) by an ADFIAP member-institution and/or its subsidiaries, institutional partners of ADFIAP and the Association itself;
  2. Must have been associated with an ADFIAP member-institution and/or the Association itself for at least one year; and,
  3. Must have, in his or her chosen career, excelled and made a mark in the country or internationally for his or her outstanding accomplishment(s) in the field of development, in general, and in the development banking profession, in particular.

OUR NOMINEE: (Please nominate only the one person whom you think will best qualify for the Award)

C. Special Awards


The Best Sustainability Report is a comprehensive and transparent document that provides a detailed account of the bank’s efforts, initiatives, and achievements in the realm of sustainability. They serve as a valuable tool for stakeholders to assess the bank’s impact and progress toward a more sustainable future.


The Best Website Award, recognize outstanding achievements in the field of website design and development. These awards showcase websites that demonstrate excellence in creativity, functionality, user experience, and overall design aesthetics.